Day 7 of NaPoWriMo!

And now, the prompt. Pick a color, any color. And now write a poem in which everything is that color (or, at least, that color predominates). Need an example? Try Walter de la Mare’s Silver, Diane Wakoski’s Blue Monday, or Federico Garcia Lorca’s Romance Sonambulo. Poems with this color focus tend to have a dreamlike quality — but not, perhaps, in the way that you think. Usually, when we say “dreamy,” we mean sort of vague and warm and pleasant. These are dreamy like actual dreams — immediate, worrying, and all the visuals turned up to eleven. And remember, the poem doesn’t have to be “about” the color — just dyed with it. Good luck!

I was a day behind, so I wrote a quickie to catch up!  I don’t focus on one color, but a veritable rainbow in this. Hope it makes your face turn red with laughter.

Lived Lady of Orange, Miss Violet,
At Yellowstone’s Indigo islet.
Her food was red beans
But her poo was quite green,
And the water, bright blue, in her ti-o-let.

-Jody D.


Taking a page from the JodyDee handbook, here’s my quickie for the (yester) day re: mis colores favoritos. Also throwing in a Baez version:

De colores…

Take my steak
black and blue,
Sushi is green,
But not for you.

If you yellow,
Let it mellow,
If it’s brown,
Flush it down.

Sugar, water, purple
Delish; just like the best white owl.
Red & orange fibrous hairs
Can never make me scowl.

-G. Barbieri

By galacticrenaissance

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