NaPoWriMo Day 12!

Our prompt for the day comes from a similar impulse to use the language already around us. Now, many of us took a second language for a year or two in high school, but for poetic purposes, you don’t actually need to know a second language to translate it. You just need to be able to pronounce it — sort of. This allows you to render a homophonic translation — a translation based on the way the words sound, without any care for what they actually mean in the original.

For example, I might take this line in Portuguese (from Ledo Ivo’s poem A Escavadeira):

Os homens já acordaram e voltaram a construer e a destruir.

and homophonically translate it as:

Omen of jacquard, a ram, a volt. A constant read is true.


Ladies and gentlemen: 


A Travel Linguist

Trey’s Treats!
Taste egrets! Try heron, Trey’s strong oats, Date-tree golds!
Entrees!  Straw goats, Tree goats, Raw Carbon-traced Rear Steaks, Tea Grapes!


-Jody D

By galacticrenaissance

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