Gabe’s challenge.

Well, El Bien Cheapo mentioned something to me a few weeks back about kicking this thing back into action. After heading to the mailroom and NOT finding the book I was looking for in my box, I settled on just beating the everliving shit out of some magnetic poetry composition on the Department refrigerator. I like how this turned out.

as language
as diamond
as chocolate
all is void
eternity a dream
spring honey only bloody drool
these thousand delirious summers
one enormous ugly winter
of crushing blue death
who would want to trudge through it I ask
in the frantic meat apparatus
head feet finger skin butt
but delicate petals chained
under the bitter knife
never after and away we were
but whispers when together
our life like light like love
a lie

Recently titled by Gabe (cause that’s what pro authors do, title each others’ stuff):

“A manifestation of worthwhile litigation”

By galacticrenaissance

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